There is a startling disconnect between our youth today and other generations that sparked and energized the birth of Limitless Bounds.

Taking this problem much deeper here are a few facts:

  • Over 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
  • 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
  • Over 80% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes

It's our belief that the biggest key to correcting this problem is for our men to become involved and stand up. Because our youth have very few positive role models in comparison to past generations and with social media, television and videos accessible 24 hours a day its very easy to influence this generation of youth.

The lack of daily love, attention and direct communication has caused many physical, emotional, and spiritual problems for our young adults who all simply dream to achieve more but don’t have that push to do so.  They haven't seen other possible options in life.

At Limitless Bounds, our primary goal is to help inspire and heal our youth by starting a mens movement of action and involvement.  Understanding that life is short, we encourage laughter, love and enjoyment of life to the fullest extent possible. “Living without boundaries” is what our program is all about!


“If you change your way of thinking, then you will change your way of life forever.”

-Edward E. Mosley Jr., Founder and CEO

Ready to Make a Change? We're Here to Help.


"My son Jacob was having a very hard time in school and life, but after researching the problem we later found out that the real reason that Jacob was acting this way was that he was being bullied at school. After discussing our issue with Edward Mosley and doing some one - on - one coaching, Jacob’s confidence increased, his grades increased and he became a better young man. His 6 - step process in his CHANGE Model completely works and it changed my family and son’s life."
- Laura, Former Client -

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We're here to help build our communities by strengthening the foundation of our men. Our resources are expansive and we're committed to fostering a community of like-minded individuals invested in helping us bring our vision to life and positively impacting the lives of African-American boys and men.