Breaking the Generational Curse?

34/17/8/3/1, these numbers reflect four generations of life of someone that was sharing his story with me as we were discussing what generational curses are prominent in our society today. They reflect potential for love, peace and growth of a seed for many years to come, but what they also reflect is hopelessness and confusion. The 1 actually represents a man; the 3 represents the number of grand-kids; the 8 represents the number of women; the 17 represents the number of children, and the 34 represents the age of the man.

This unbelievable fact is all too common and a true picture of what we see in our society today that will ultimately continue to curse our children. Our young men see this picture as a sign that it’s ok to have sex with many women, make a child whenever they feel like it, and not take responsibility for their actions. They will use this model as their only guide into manhood and this generational curse will continue for many years.

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