"Our philosophy is simple - When you change your way of thinking, you will change your way of life forever.  Why? Because we all have been through tough times where we have questioned our very existence."

- Edward E. Mosley Jr. -

Edward E. Mosley Jr., Founder of Limitless Bounds

Edward E. Mosley Jr.

Founder and CEO

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Edward Mosley Jr. is an author, inspirational speaker, life coach, and change facilitator and a Marine Veteran of 21 years of faithful service.

Edward is deeply rooted in moral values and spirituality, which supports his approach to handling the many issues that are facing our young men and men today that may be disconnected from their internal feelings, beliefs, dreams and may feel broken.

His primary goal is to help inspire young men and men change their way of thinking to unlock their greatness and heal by starting a man’s movement of action and involvement. Understanding that life is short, he encourages laughter, love and enjoyment of life to the fullest extent possible. “Living without boundaries” is what my program is all about!

Additionally, as a youth football coach of over 20 years, he uses his passion of football as a platform to mentor young men and families while striving to provide a true example of a real man to his clients and his own three children who were all involved in athletics, acting and serving in the military. Having lost his wife in Oct 2010 to the rare disease of Appendix Cancer, Edward has developed a special approach for connecting with young men and men trying to excel in life while dealing with their own difficult issues of existence.

Edward has degrees in HR Management and Development, Entrepreneurial Management and a MBA. He currently lives in Virginia and is the CEO and founder of Limitless Bounds LLC.


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A Broken Man: The Journey of a Faith Walker by Edward E. Mosley Jr.

My son Jacob was having a very hard time in school and life, but after researching the problem we later found out that the real reason that Jacob was acting this way was that he was being bullied at school. After discussing our issue with Edward Mosley and doing some one - on - o ne coaching, Jacob’s confidence increased, his grades increased and he became a better young man. His 6 - step process in his CHANGE Model completely works and it changed my family and son’s life.
My son, was headed down the wrong path in life. He was getting in trouble at school, being suspended, eventually kicked out of school and sent to juvenile detention. I found a mentoring group that Edward Mosley was one of the main coaches and, once he became involved with my son and used his simple CHANGE Model, everything turned around. His one-on-one approach has set a positive road map that has been very successful. He is a god send and his techniques work.
I had just become the guardian of my niece from Michigan and the transition was very difficult under the circumstances. I knew that Edward was very involved with young men f or m any years but didn’t know what to do. No one seemed to be able to reach my niece. Edward was able to reach her at her level and after his coaching she has become a better young lady that is respectful. His simple technique works and without him I don’t know where my niece would be today.
I have worked with Coach Edward Mosley for many years and seeing the way he uses mentorship to coach, interact with, and inspire young men to become better has left me speechless. He is hands - on and gives simple and reachable goals that his clients can obtain. I have seen him go to schools, homes, courts and county meetings in order to support a young man, simply because he wants to make a difference.