The Journey of a Faith Walker: 

A Broken Man

Written by Edward E. Mosley Jr.

This book is about a time in my life when I was completely destitute. I was mentally, spiritually, and emotionally drained. I hit many hard times, was weak, stressed, and had fallen down many times, not knowing if I had the strength to continue. I didn’t love anyone — much less, myself. I was depressed and didn’t recognize it.

This book is for the broken man. This book is for the man with issues that he cannot handle by himself. He’s hurt, lost, and confused. He’s in pain, but he constantly strives to do what is right for himself, his family, and his God.

This book is for the man that is not afraid to show his emotions and feelings, as well as for those who seek inspiration to learn how to openly show their emotions.

Ladies, this book is for the young man and the men in your life that just needs a little push to become unstuck and the GREAT man that God truly created him to be. So, come and take the journey with me!!



Written by Edward E. Mosley Jr. – The Broken Man’s Coach

After the loss of my Wife and Mother in law to Cancer within six months, I found solace in Alcohol. After reaching my completely destitute and dark place in my life – It has become my purpose to help other broken men see that they can also make it out of those dark and lonely places.

I am very transparent as I peel back the layers of pain, hurt, brokenness depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

Through this journey of brokenness it has become my purpose to share with everyone, especially men – That it’s okay to be broken. We all have issues, but what is key is that we deal with those issues because we must get back up and continue to move forward with our lives.

This book is about a movement and the other ten powerful stories are about and awakening and standing up for personal change and will empower you to break free of mental, emotional and generational chains so that you can create a new, bigger, bolder, better life. Inside you'll find guidance, resources, and tools to release yourself. Join the movement and get on the right path to becoming unapologetically free.